Teerath Gill


Teerath Gill is a Solicitor and the Head of our Crown Court Department and Serious Crime Division. He is also the Head of the Regulatory Department.

Teerath is a Coventry Solicitor however, specialises in all aspects of criminal law and spends nearly all his time working on substantial and complex cases nationally. Teerath has dealt with cases all over the country and, in particular, for offences as wide ranging as Terrorism, Murder, Importation of Drugs, Supply of Drugs, Human Trafficking, Sexual Grooming and Exploitation.

Teerath has dealt with cases for almost every offence on the statute books. He started his career in 2001 and has worked exclusively in serious crime.

Teerath is at his best when he can see that the Prosecution or Police have got things wrong. These organisations are only made up of humans and they are prone to making mistakes or are blinded by their theory that everybody is guilty of something. It is this attitude and the unnecessary prosecuting of innocent people that attracted Teerath to Criminal Law.

Teerath throughout his career has had the privilege and opportunity to work with some of the most respected Barristers and Queens Counsel in the country and has dealt with high profile cases which have made national headlines. By working with some of the best and most experienced legal brains in the Country Teerath has developed a keen eye for detail and a brain for problem solving.

Teerath’s highlight in his career was the representation of 6 defendants in one of the longest and most expensive cases ever prosecuted in England and Wales. Teerath was able to successfully defend all six people accused of Human Trafficking for the purposes of Exploitation.

Having secured these acquittals in the case of R v Somal and Others at the Northampton Crown Court the case led to being debated in the Houses of Parliament due to the vast amount of money spent by the Prosecution and Police and other agencies to prosecute Teerath’s clients.

This case involving a Conspiracy to Exploit and Traffic was the first of its kind anywhere to be prosecuted in Europe. The prosecution costs were in excess of 6 – 8 million pounds, with the police spending the equivalent amount of money during the course of their 4 year long investigation. The prosecuting authorities in that matter were, in Teerath’s opinion, over zealous which clouded their judgement. After many months and long hours spent preparing each of his clients’ case diligently, Teerath secured acquittals for all those represented by him after a lengthy 16 week trial.

Teerath has also had the opportunity to represent celebrities, company directors and other professionals such as Financial Advisors, Solicitors and Accountants when charged with crimes ranging from assault to road traffic matters.

Teerath, in particular, enjoys dealing with Conspiracy Cases because of the challenges such cases throw up as a Criminal Defence Lawyer. It is imperative to have great attention to detail and be able to effectively communicate with an accused to help articulate the clients defence.

Teerath is always on guard to ensure that clients who are vulnerable and not familiar with the complexities of English Legal Language are fully prepared and know what to expect when involved in a Court room setting. He is able to communicate effectively with those from the least privileged parts of our society to make them understand complex legal issues. Teerath is a fluent Punjabi Speaker and can communicate effectively in Hindi and Urdu.

Teerath has dealt with many sensitive cases involving child sex grooming, gangs and matters of Honour Killing where cultural issues are sometimes not understood by the wider mainstream society.

The skills that Teerath feels that he has acquired which has assisted his clients in successfully defending cases is his ability to understand the new Police Techniques used to prosecute defendants such as Cell Site Evidence, Forensic Evidence, Mobile Phone Evidence, Computer and ANPR Evidence. It is important to check the integrity of such evidence and consider properly the raw data that make up the Prosecution Analytical Charts now regularly utilised by the Crown Prosecution Service in prosecuting cases in the Crown Court.

Teerath also understands and is regularly involved in Proceeds of Crime Act Proceedings which almost always follow convictions for Drug, Fraud and Money Laundering offences.

Away from the Office Teerath enjoys watching movies, watching his beloved Arsenal (COYG) and Cricket. He is known for his quick wit, jokes and story telling stories.

Notable Cases

R -v- S – Leicester Crown Court
Represented successfully a client charged with a violent disorder where it was alleged that he, together with many others, had attacked people who were conducting sexual grooming. Multi Handed case involving over 19 defendants. Trial Lasted 6 weeks plus.

R -v- B – Birmingham Crown Court
Trial representing a financial advisor, alleged to have been involved in mortgage frauds. Successful acquittal gained. Case involving over 10 defendants and lasting 8 weeks.

R-v- G – Leicester Crown Court
Allegations against a Company Director and Accountant. A well respected member of the Community and a Professional Businessmen accused of conducting offences against Trading Standards Legislation. Also allegations made of Regulatory offences and Mortgage Frauds. One of the first prosecutions of its kind against a businessman engaging in unlawful mark-ups.

R -v- C – Isleworth Crown Court
Allegation against the defendant to have been a part of a Sikh Revenge Gang, seeking retribution against a rival sect after desecrations were made in India against the Sikh Holy Book, the Guru Granth Sahib. Over 55 people were said to have been involved. The defendant was successfully acquitted.

R -v- M – Coventry Crown Court
Defendant alleged to have been part of a sex grooming gang and guilty of rape, sexual assault and trafficking. Amongst many complex legal arguments made, the defendant was successfully acquitted. Pakistani Grooming Gangs have hit the national headlines for all the wrong reasons and gained a lot of vilification from the Public and in this case it was our opinion that the defendant was seen by the prosecution to be guilty by association, rather than guilty of any criminal offences. He was rightly acquitted in this most sensitive of case.

R -v- H – Warwick Crown Court
A Pakistani grooming gang was alleged to have been taking advantage of vulnerable girls who were all living in a care home providing shelter for girls with learning difficulties. The Client was alleged to have been trafficking girls from various places to be abused. He was successfully defended and acquitted of all charges as the prosecuting authorities had been over zealous in their approach to this clients’ case. The client was vulnerable in his own regard and was rightly acquitted.

R-v- P – Warwick Crown Court
Representation of an alleged gang member, and accused of Kidnapping and having chopped of the victim’s finger and sent to the family, who were to pay a ransom over what the prosecution alleged was a drug deal gone bad and this was the gangs way of getting back their money and retribution.

R -v- M – Stafford Crown Court
A multi-agency prosecution against a client alleged to have been part of a drug dealing gang, who were then responsible for money laundering. Involving over 15 defendants all alleged to have been involved in a conspiracy. Allegation of over 30 million pounds being laundered.

R -v- A – Warwick Crown Court
Alleged drug deal gone wrong which resulted in the kidnapping and holding in captivity of a victim. After many months on remand, our client was acquitted through the due diligence of our crime department in representing his interests throughout the case. The victim was alleged to have been burnt and threatened with rape. Our client always maintained his innocence and our belief in his defence ultimately proved right.

R -v- P – Shrewsbury Crown Court
Allegation against defendant who was involved in a substantial Class A conspiracy involving cocaine, heroin and MDMA. The matter was successfully defended, leading to not guilty counts on the most serious charges.

R -v P – Harrow Crown Court
Allegations of cash for crash. The defendant was represented in a case that lasted many months involving 50 defendants. Acquitted of main charge.

R -v- S – Leeds Crown Court
Cash for crash allegation involving in excess of 35 defendants, various Indictments were laid and after lengthy negotiations with the Crown Prosecution Service, the correct charge was put to our client, which led to a conditional discharge.

R -v- B – Leicester Crown Court
A multiagency prosecution involving cross jurisdictional police forces where an allegation of fraud against Virgin Media was alleged, resulting in losses of revenue to Mr. Branson’s business enterprise in excess of 30 – 50 million pounds. The client was alleged to have been one of the ring leaders and host servers and a lot of technical evidence had to be obtained in this case.

R -v- K – Grimsby Crown Court
NHS fraud of epidemic proportions involving many alleged nurses and support staff from the African continent, alleged to have been part of a conspiracy to draw the NHS of Millions of pounds.

R -v- S – Stafford Crown Court
Allegations of conspiracy to supply Class B drugs. One of the largest technical evidence cases brought by West Midlands Police. Multi Defendants of multi handed Indictments after a lengthy 8 week Trial, acquittals were obtained.

R -v- A & S – Birmingham Crown Court
Conspiracy to cultivate cannabis, one of the largest seizures made by West Midlands Police of over 2,500 plants in an industrial sized complex, which would have been generating millions of pounds per month. Both defendants were represented by our Mr. Gill with a plea bargain obtained for one defendant and a full acquittal for the other.

R -v- R – Coventry Crown Court
Murder case involving a vulnerable woman, alleged to have had a brief relationship with a taxi driver who then was said to have dumped the body of the victim in the canal. Lots of technical evidence had to be obtained, in particular a pathology expert report.

R -v- W – Central Criminal Court
Terrorism case, Central Criminal Court, an extremist ISIS member prosecuted by the Counter Terrorism Unit.

R -v- A – Birmingham Crown Court
Multi handed conspiracy case involving importation and distribution of Class A drugs.

R -v- J – Birmingham Crown Court
One of the biggest finds by West Midlands Police and National Crime Agency of pure cocaine brought into the country from Holland with links said to have been ranging from Moscow to Albania and Lithuania.

R -v- I – Manchester Crown Court
Defending successfully two clients for a conspiracy to import Class A drugs, namely heroin.

R -v- H – Warwick Crown Court
Taxi driver alleged to have committed a sexual assault on a vulnerable victim. Successfully defended after it was proven that the victim had merely made the allegation up as she did not want to pay the fare.

R -v- N – Coventry Crown Court
Represented a gentleman accused of electoral fraud involving local elections, hit the National Newspapers and news. Successfully acquitted.

R -v- AK – Warwick Crown Court
Defendant alleged to have shot the alleged victim in the head in what was alleged by the Crown Prosecution Service to be an execution. Successfully defended and acquitted of all charges.

R -v- M – Birmingham Crown Court
Allegation of armed robbery involving Securicor vans and watches of very high value in excess of half a million pounds. One of the largest logistical cases ever brought by the West Midlands Police as every day the case was in the Crown Court, there were helicopters, and armed guards for the defendants to be brought to the court building.

R -v- G – Birmingham Crown Court
Representation of a Sikh Elder who was alleged to have been laundering Money for Drugs Gangs nationally and to have been involved in a conspiracy to launder in excess of 37 Million Pounds. Multi agency and cross border law enforcement agencies involved.

R v H and S – Canterbury Crown Court
Successfully defended two brothers accused of bringing into the country millions of ecstasy tablets. Case lasted over 6 years and was stayed as an abuse of process and then substantially acquitted

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