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Pritpal Chahal

Solicitor / Practice Manager

One of the original founders of Askews Legal LLP, Pritpal has now taken a back seat from his fee earning responsibilities to focus on business development and to manage the day to day responsibilities of Askews Legal LLP.

The decision to step away from day to day fee earning was to ensure that Askews Legal LLP complies with its regulatory duties which are complex, this in turn allows our fee earners to focus on what they are here to do, which is to provide a high level of service to all our clients.

In addition to this, Pritpal has retained his practising certificate so he is able to step into a Solicitors shoes and take conduct over matters that require attention to detail. This ability ensures that Askews Legal LLP provides the highest level of service at all times.

Pritpal has over 15 years experience working within a busy commercial and conveyancing department. This experience has assisted the commercial and conveyancing department at Askews Legal LLP. Pritpal is able to regularly advise on complicated business transactions. Attention to detail and a keen eye for compliance is what makes Pritpal stand out from your regular conveyancing Solicitor.

Pritpal regularly assists our Business Fraud department an example of this was when Pritpal provided expert advice and guidance to a client accused of a Trading Standards fraud. Askews Legal LLP provided a defence to a complex fraud where the defendant was accused of marking up invoices to defraud consumers. The defendant was also accused of a complex mortgage fraud, vat fraud and insurance fraud. Pritpal has extensive knowledge in dealing with commercial transactions and was able to review the material from a commercial perspective and working with our criminal lawyers, Askews Legal LLP was able to provide a detailed defence to the allegations the defendant faced.

In addition to this Pritpal is able to assist and provide guidance to other professionals as to their responsibilities to their professional bodies regulation. Pritpal, regularly provides guidance to our fee earners in how to comply with the Solicitors Regulation Authority outcomes focused regulation. Pritpal, can also assist and defend other Solicitors who have been accused of breaching the Solicitors Code of Conduct. Pritpal has first hand experience with dealing with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This invaluable experience has allowed Askews Legal LLP to develop and become the modern law firm which our regulators require.

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