Wills, Estates, and Trusts

Lifetime planning, including drafting a Will, setting up a Trust, estate planning, and organising a Lasting Power of Attorney is one of our specialist areas of practice here at our offices in Coventry.

We advise and represent clients from all over Coventry, Kenilworth, Nuneaton, Rugby, Warwickshire, the Midlands and also across the whole of the UK, ensuring they have the strategies and documents in place to enable them to pass on their wealth to those they choose.

Many of our clients are different generations of the same family, who trust our solicitors implicitly to ensure their wealth remains in their bloodline. We have the expertise required to put plans in place that protects family wealth from being dissipated through divorce, bankruptcy, and other unexpected life events.

We are a diverse, multi-lingual Coventry and Warwickshire based law firm with dedicated solicitors that use best-in-class technology to provide clients with streamlined, modern, and highly effective Wills, Trusts, and estate planning advice and representation. Our years of experience in private client law means we have a robust reputation for excellence with the UK’s best Barristers and Queen’s Counsel, Estate Agents, Independent Financial Advisers, Tax Advisors, Surveyors, and Business Succession Planning Advisors who can bring additional support to our Wills, Trusts, and estate planning department if required.

Below are some of the most common questions that our solicitors are asked about Wills, Trusts, and estate planning.

Our specialist Wills, Trusts and Estates solicitors offer specialist advice in the following areas:

  • Preparation of Wills and Advance Directives (Living Wills)
  • Inheritance Tax planning during one’s lifetime and on death
  • Preparation and Registration of Powers of Attorney
  • Administration of Estates and Will Trusts, including related tax issues and the creation of Deeds of Variation
  • Creation and administration of Trusts, including Life Interest Trusts, Trusts for Minors and the Disabled, Discretionary Trusts and Personal Injury Trusts (which can safeguard one’s entitlement to means-tested benefits following the receipt of a personal injury award)
  • Court of Protection work
  • General advice for the elderly, the incapacitated and their carers
  • Interpreting the Will of the deceased in terms of estate laws
  • Advising executors and trustees about their duties and rights
  • Informing government bodies
  • Applying for Probate of the Will
  • Dealing with intestacy (where there is no Will)
  • Applying for administration rights if the Will is deemed invalid or is absent
  • Identifying estate assets and liabilities
  • Obtaining valuations of estate property
  • Collecting estate financial assets including superannuation, bank funds, shares, outstanding loans, and insurance pay-outs
  • Selling or transferring estate property including estate auctions
  • Paying estate debts including mortgages, funeral costs, and testamentary expenses
  • Advising on family and testamentary Trusts
  • Administering Trust funds
  • Distributing bequests and inheritances to beneficiaries
  • Organising information for estate tax returns
  • Family mediation and negotiation
  • Contesting Wills and defending estate litigation

As you can see from the extensive list above, if you need advice and representation on any Wills, Trusts, and estate planning matters, our Solicitors can assist. Furthermore, because we are a full-service law firm, we can also collaborate with colleagues in our Family, Property, and Disputes Resolution Departments if required, ensuring every aspect of your matter is managed and all related problems are quickly and expertly solved.

It is not a legal requirement that a Solicitor draft your Will. However, using a DIY Will template purchased from the post office or a stationary shop may result in your loved ones having to deal with an administrative muddle upon your death. Our Coventry based Will Solicitors will ask extensive questions relating to distributing your property and assets, enquiring about matters you may never have thought of – for example, who will look after your pets and how will your social media accounts and websites be dealt with after you die. If you leave these and other matters out of your DIY Will, your loved ones will have to guess your wishes at a time when they are dealing with the stress of your passing. By instructing one of our solicitors to draft your Will, you can be confident that every aspect of your estate has been considered and included in the final document. This will also negate the risk of your Will being challenged, a situation that can result in an irretrievable breakdown in family relations.

Why choose us?

The matter of ensuring your family is taken care of after your death is too important to be left to chance. Our talented Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Solicitors will ensure every aspect of your estate planning is considered and managed, giving you and your loved ones’ peace of mind.

People choose and recommend our solicitors in Coventry because we care about them, their family, and their future. Our Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Solicitors are focused on results and achieving them in the most cost-effective, efficient way possible. This is why we are one of the most successful and busiest Private Client Solicitors in Coventry, covering Kenilworth, Nuneaton, Rugby, Warwickshire and the Midlands, but also across the whole of the UK.

To talk to us about a Wills, Trusts, or estate planning matter, please contact us using the form below.

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Depending upon the complexity we are able to offer fixed fees in some cases. In other cases our solicitors charge the following hourly rate:

  • Partner/Member Solicitor
    Hourly rate of £250 + VAT
  • Senior Solicitor or Head of Dept: (PQE 8yr+)
    Hourly rate of £225 + VAT
  • Assistant Solicitor/Fee Earner (PQE 3/7yr)
    Hourly rate of £200 + VAT
  • Newly Qualified Fee Earner (PQE 1/3yr)
    Hourly rate of £170 + VAT
  • Paralegals/Trainees
    Hourly rate of £120 + VAT
  • Support Paralegals
    Hourly rate of £100 + VAT

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