Defamation and Media

Our Coventry and Warwickshire based Solicitors are specialists in advising and representing on complex defamation and media-related disputes. Our expertise extends beyond traditional print, radio, and TV, we also advise on defamation that arises from social media posts and online publications and blogs.

Our solicitors head up one of the most successful and busy defamation and media litigation practices in Coventry and Warwickshire. Bringing or defending a defamation claim is extremely stressful, especially in the digital age where defamatory comments can remain online indefinitely. Our Defamation and Media Solicitors have the knowledge, tenacity, and sheer talent required to fight defamation claims. One of our biggest strengths as a Civil Litigation team is the ability to take the worry and stress of the matter off your shoulders so you can get on with your life.

We are a diverse, multi-lingual law firm that uses best-in-class technology which allows our Coventry and Warwickshire based solicitors to provide clients with streamlined, modern, and highly effective civil litigation advice and representation.  Our many years of experience means we have a robust reputation for excellence with the UK’s best Barristers  and Queen’s Counsel , industry experts, and PR specialists who will, when needed, bring additional support to our Civil Litigation Department.  Our clients also benefit from our ability to instruct the country’s most respected expert witnesses.

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about defamation and media-related disputes.

What makes a statement defamatory?

A statement is defamatory if it is untrue and damages the reputation of a person, group of people, or an organisation. There are two types of defamatory statements – libel and slander. The former is where the statement appears in writing, the latter happens when the statement is spoken. Defamatory statements broadcast on radio or television or said during a public performance of a play are classed as libel under the Broadcasting Act 1990 and Theatres Act 1968.

Under the Defamation Act 2013, for a statement to be defamatory its publication must cause or be likely to cause serious harm to the reputation of the Claimant. In practice, the Courts have set the bar in relation to ‘serious harm’ relatively high. Therefore, it is essential to instruct an experienced Defamation Solicitor to advise and represent you to ensure you have the best chance of winning your claim.

What remedies can the Court grant if a statement is held to be defamatory?

The remedies available for defamation are damages, an injunction, publication of a summary of the Court’s judgment, and an order to remove the defamatory statement. The Court cannot order the maker of the defamatory statement to correct the statement or declare it to be untrue, nor can the Court make such a declaration itself.

Our Defamation and Media Solicitors will advise you on the best remedy available for your particular case. We will work tirelessly to get the result you want and keep you regularly updated as to the status of your matter.

What are the defences available for defamation?

The following defences are available in defamation cases:

  • You were telling the truth.
  • The statement was one of honest opinion rather than fact.
  • Publication of the statement was in the public interest.
  • The maker of the statement benefited from absolute or qualified privilege.
  • The statement was peer-reviewed in a scientific or academic journal (provided certain conditions were met).

If you have been accused of making a defamatory statement our Solicitors have the expertise and experience to build a robust defence in your favour.

Why choose us?

People choose and recommend us not just in Coventry, Rugby and Leamington, but across the Midlands and the whole of the UK., because our solicitors get results and in a majority of cases settle disputes outside of Court. Our Solicitors will take care of your case, ensuring you understand the options available and get the advice you need to protect your best interests.

Defamation and media disputes are stressful for everyone involved. Our Defamation and Media Solicitors have the expertise required to rapidly get to the heart of the dispute and advise on a resolution process best suited to your case. As a law firm, we are responsive and proactive, and ensure our clients are always kept informed as to the progress of their matter. You can trust us to use our technology and sheer intelligence to resolve your dispute so you can move forward.

To talk to us about a defamation or media-related dispute, please call us on Coventry 02476 231000, email or visit our offices in Coventry.

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