Based in Coventry, our Conspiracy Defence Solicitors are experts in defending these types of highly complex matters and we determinedly fight to ensure our clients get the best defence available.

As we are a full-service criminal law firm, we can also defend you on any related charges.

We are a diverse, multi-lingual law firm with offices in Coventry where our solicitors use best-in-class technology to provide clients with a streamlined, modern, and highly effective criminal defence.  Furthermore, years of experience in criminal law means we have created relationships with some of the UK’s best Barristers and King’s Counsel. Our clients also benefit from our ability to instruct the country’s most respected expert witnesses who can provide the Court with the facts required to support a not guilty plea or mitigate the sentence handed down by the Judge.

Advising and representing people accused of committing a criminal offence

We are highly recommended as an expert Criminal Defence Law Firm for people accused of committing a crime. Our Coventry and Midland based solicitors provide 24/7 police station representation.  Therefore, will be at your side, protecting your interests from the start.  Because we understand the correct procedure the police must follow when making an arrest, we will carefully examine the circumstances surrounding you being detained and get the charges dropped if proper processes were not complied with.

Our criminal law team has in-depth experience in defending serious criminal charges such as conspiracy.  We work with the country’s top expert witnesses and focus on providing you with advice and representation you can trust.  We know that your reputation, financial security, and possibly your freedom is at stake – therefore, we never give up until every appeal has been exhausted.

Below are several common questions clients ask us concerning conspiracy.

If you have been charged with conspiracy, an allegation has been made that you have agreed to engage in criminal activity.  The Prosecution has to show that you and at least one other person planned to commit the offence. The offence does not have to be committed for you to be prosecuted for conspiracy.

The offence of conspiracy is often linked to other offences such as murder, terrorism, robbery, theft, supply or importation of drugs, fraud, trafficking, sexual grooming and exploitation and so on.  Cases involving conspiracy tend to involve multiple Defendants and are highly complex.  The following organisations can prosecute conspiracy offences:

  • National Crime Agency
  • Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
  • Trading Standards Officers
  • Post Office
  • Serious Fraud Office
  • Regional Asset Recovery Teams
  • Local Authorities

To successfully prosecute an offence of conspiracy the Prosecution must show:

  • You and at least one other person made an agreement to commit a criminal act.
  • You intended to make such an agreement and intend for the agreement to be carried out.  Case law states that you do not have to play a part in the offence being committed, failing to prevent the criminal act is enough to be convicted.
  • You intended or knew the circumstances that constitute the full substantive offence. 

No conspiracy can exist without an agreement.  This often presents problems for the Prosecution.  For example, say A and B agree to assault C but in fact, B is the intended victim and A and C are setting a trap.  Because C is the victim, he/she could not have agreed to assault themselves.   The case of R v Taylor [2002] Crim LR 205 held that no liability for conspiracy exists on C’s behalf where A, B, and C agreed to import cannabis (with C providing the vehicle) but A and B imported cocaine instead.

A husband and wife cannot commit conspiracy on their own.  A third party would need to be involved.

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors have the extensive knowledge and experience required to successfully defend you on a conspiracy charge and any other related offences.

Because conspiracy is usually linked to another crime, the penalty varies.  In Cooke [2017] EWCA Crim 1272, the Court stated that in cases where:

“a conspiracy rather than a substantive offence is alleged it will be important for a court to analyse carefully the position of an individual offender if it is sentencing in those circumstances. Those involved in a conspiracy can play different roles or be involved in different ways and the court must be astute to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to the guideline”.

Legislation abolished all forms of common law) conspiracy except for the common law offence of conspiracy to defraud at common law conspiracy to corrupt public morals and outrage public decency.  As you can imagine, the latter is now rarely seen before the Courts.

Why choose us?

Regardless of the charges against you, you are entitled to a criminal defence.  We do not judge our clients; our only objective is to defend you against the Prosecution’s allegations.  You can be confident that by instructing us to defend you, your chances of acquittal or a reduced sentence are greatly improved.  The most important factor is to contact us as soon as you become aware of the criminal charges brought against you.

People choose and recommend us not just in Coventry, Rugby and Leamington, but across the Midlands and the whole of the UK.

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