At Askews Legal LLP, we truly recognise that our people are our prime asset. Our employees do not simply work for us, they work with us. This approach enables our staff to form an affinity with the business and be a part of our overall strategy for success.

We understand that our business culture is vital; it has been the base of our achievements and it is the foundation for our future. We never underestimate the value of each and every employee.

Our mission is simple; to nurture and invest in our employees’ career progression so they grow with the business, incorporate technological advancement, and provide an unrivalled service to our clients. Our culture is to embrace everyone with dignity, respect and understanding regardless of colour, class, creed, race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender preference. We are proud of our diverse workforce and are committed to ensuring our practice is an all-inclusive one.   

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What matters to you, matters to us – and that’s why we are a truly flexible business. Whether you have family commitments or simply need to be at home, your work-life balance is a priority. Our custom-built HR software (HR Genie) enables you to request homeworking within a few clicks, and we have invested in technology and communication systems that enable you to work effortlessly from a location that suits you. Plus, by removing the carbon footprint generated by your commute, we’re pleased to do our bit towards an eco-friendly society. All we need to do is set up a VPN connection on your laptop and you can do your job from a location that suits you.


Whilst some legal practices may be slow to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology, at Askews Legal LLP, we are not only keeping up with it but rather, at the forefront, striving for improvement and driving it forward. Our investment in technology has been central in our journey to becoming paperless across the board. All employees have double screens, to assist with comparing and drafting documentation. Furthermore, our systems allow for remote access, enabling you to work as efficiently away from the office as you do from your desk.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting other local businesses and charities is a huge part of our ethos. Wherever possible, we try and help local causes as well as more nationally recognised events, such as the Macmillan Coffee Morning cake sale and Children in Need. In addition, we are proud to support Coventry City Council in their campaign for Christmas presents for the Looked After Children of Coventry.

Social Activities

Social events and friendships are hugely important to our team. We have a social committee that is tasked with organising quarterly social events to ensure our culture is one of fun and enjoyment alongside hard work and achievement. In an attempt to cater for everyone’s needs, our events range from quizzes to karaoke and sports events as we aim to promote an inclusive social dynamic.

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