Repossession and Forfeiture

Repossession and forfeiture is a remedy landlords can use to gain possession of their commercial property if a tenant has breached a lease covenant.

Repossession and Forfeiture

As it is a draconian remedy, it is imperative that tenants and landlords seek legal advice if the right to forfeiture has been exercised or is being considered.

We are a diverse, multi-lingual law firm that uses best-in-class technology to provide clients with streamlined, modern, and highly effective commercial property law advice and representation. Our years of experience in commercial property law means we have a robust reputation for excellence with the UK’s best UK’s best Barristers and King’s Counsel, Estate Agents, Independent Financial Advisers, Surveyors, and Lenders who can bring additional support to our Commercial Property Department if needed.

What is forfeiture?

How can a landlord legally re-enter the property?

What constitutes a waiver of the right to forfeiture?

What should a tenant who has been served with court proceedings for repossession do?

Why choose us?

Due to the circumstances that lead up to forfeiture, the process can seem stressful and overwhelming for all parties involved. With the right professional advice, it does not have to be. Our Commercial Property Solicitors will carefully examine the commercial lease and advise and represent landlords wishing to exercise forfeiture or tenants desperate to seek relief from the Court.

We are proud of our personal service to all our clients, and where possible, we are always available by phone and will respond to your email within 24 hours. As a full-service law firm, we can also provide advice on other commercial matters such as contracts and dispute resolution.

We will leave no stone unturned when handling your commercial property matters. Each member of our team has the experience and resources available to ensure that every aspect of the forfeiture and repossession process will be spotted, brought to the fore, and managed. Clients trust us to provide commercially-astute advice that fully protects their interests.

Our Solicitors are businesspeople themselves; therefore, we understand that every decision must encompass commercial reality. We receive most of our instructions via word of mouth recommendations because business owners, landlords, and management agencies in the West Midlands know that we have the knowledge and dedication required to advise on the complex process of forfeiture.

We are focused on results and achieving them in the swiftest, most cost-effective manner possible. Our Commercial Property Solicitors will take care of your legal concerns so you can concentrate on your organisation’s future growth and prosperity.

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