Askews’ Commitment to Charity

With deep roots in Coventry our commitment to the city and the region goes beyond legal expertis.

Make a Will Week

We invite you to join us in “Make a Will Week” scheduled from the 9th to 13th of October 2023. We recognise the essential nature of having a Will as a cornerstone of sound financial planning and as a means to ensure your wishes are honoured and your loved ones are spared unnecessary distress. In this special week, our dedicated team will be offering Will preparation services at no cost. We are waiving our fees to enable all proceeds to directly benefit Coventry and Warwickshire Mind.

Your participation in “Make a Will Week” offers a dual benefit; you are not only putting your affairs in order but also contributing to a significant cause. Coventry and Warwickshire Mind is dedicated to offering crucial support to individuals grappling with mental health issues. A suggested donation of £99 for a Single Will or £180 for a Mirror Will will play a pivotal role in enabling the charity to extend their range of services including counselling, support groups, and employment support. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting us at 024 7654 3210. Your generosity will ensure that CW Mind continues to be a pillar of support in our community, aiding those confronting mental health challenges. We are profoundly thankful for your support and generosity.

Supporting the local community through charitable engagements is something we are proud of here at Askews.

With a history spanning three decades in Coventry and the wider Warwickshire region, Askews Legal LLP has deeply rooted ties to city and wider region. During this time, we have strived not only to play a leading role in the legal community, but also to the wider population that makes up our amazing region. It’s this focus that drives our ambition to support local businesses and charitable causes.

Our community-oriented vision ensures that we don’t just limit our support to global or nationally recognised charities, though they too hold significance in our corporate social responsibility activities. Indeed, events such as the Macmillan Coffee Morning cake sale and the annual the BBC’s Children in Need regularly feature on our calendar, highlighting our dedication to the broader community.

Nevertheless, our heart remains in Coventry. This is most evident in our most recent associations with Coventry and Warwickshire Mind and with Coventry City Council’s, Christmas gifting initiative, which provides presents to the “Looked After Children” in the city. For us, these aren’t merely partnership, but a testimony to our unwavering dedication to the community that has been our home for so many years

In a world that is rapidly globalising and becoming more anonymous, we at Askews Legal LLP believe in the power of local. It is through these small, community-driven acts that we aim to make a positive impact, ensuring that our services, support, and outreach leave an indelible mark, not just in supporting the legal needs of our clients, but in the very heart of Coventry and beyond.

By choosing Askews, you aren’t just opting for exceptional legal services. You’re aligning with a firm that is committed and dedicated to the betterment of its community. We invite you to join us in making a difference.

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